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How to create a secure Skype Chat

The new version of Skype makes it more difficult to securely moderate group chat because anyone in your chat group can add anyone to your chat.  I found that you can actually restrict access to your chat and assign moderators who can give permission to those wishing to join.

I would encourage all who are going to be using Skype to set up their Skype group chats this way.  To set the first chat up this way may take a little longer but  for the extra security it provides is well worth it.

How to set up a secure Skype Chat:

Step one

Go to contacts in the Skype top toolbar and select create new group

Paste or type into the area where you would usually write a message  this:
/goadmin  Click enter

This activates you the creator of the chat to be able to administer the chat and set permissions.

Step two: Enabling joining

In order for people to be able to join automatically you need to also type in the command:
/set options +JOINING_ENABLED Click enter

Step three: Making joining member applicants

Paste or type:/set options +JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS Click enter

This is a useful command when you want to moderate who is joining your chat. If you want to control who can join the chat you need to add this command otherwise the people you have in your group will be able to add others when your not there. :o

Step four: Adding members to chat

You can start adding the members you want now to the chat. To do this they must have created a Skype account and you must have them added as personal contact and they must have you added as a contact too. Most of you will know how to add someone- it is pretty simple.

Step five: Lock topic and picture

If you want to lock the topic and picture so no one but the creator or moderator can change it, paste:  

This way you wont come home to your chats new name of porn4all or HelloKitties 8)

Step six: Set moderators

If you want someone else other than you to be able to edit inappropriate chat posted by members as well as to add or remove members from your chat you may want to add moderators. Moderators can not promote other members to be moderators they can not edit other moderators or a creators posts.
/setrole skype profile name MASTER

e.g.   /setrole virkira MASTER Click enter  

(not  Kira~Saber Rogue as this is not my registered skype profile name)

Note: The account name I registered with Skype is virkira however the name you will see in Skype chat is Kira~Saber Rogue and likewise members in your group may be using a different name in your chat to that which they registered with Skype for but for promoting, adding or even kicking someone from chat you need to use a members original registered Skype profile name,

How to find out what a players Profile name is:

to see the Skype profile name at a glance as it is all recorded there to make it simple and easy. )
2) To find out what a members Skype profile name hover your mouse over the member currently listed name in your skype chat so for instance

Kira~Saber Rogue and right click. this will bring up a menu--> go to profile in there you would see Kira~Saber Rogue's Skype profile name is name is virkira so this the name you need to use.

Congratulations you have now created a more secure group chat!

How to remove a member:

Firstly do you want to just remove temporarily or do you want to also ban them?

You know how to add someone to Skype if you need to eject them find their Skype profile name.  e.g you want to eject johnb his Skype profile name is  spy you paste:

/kick spy  click enter

but if you also want to also ban john from the chat again you would paste instead:
/kickban spy click enter

you will know if it has worked because everyone will see this type of message

[2:43:23 PM] *** Kira~Saber Rogue ejected johnb from this conversation. ***

I hope this helps make your Skype chats more  :) secure! Forum Index -> Official Chat: Skype
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